Hi There!

My name is Jeff and I'm happy you found my site!  I am an engineer, developer, and all around creative type who loves working with technology and exploring the tricks of the trade.  I created this site to solve one problem: I could not find a one-stop-shop anywhere on the internet to teach Android development from the beginner level to the advanced.  Sure, there are Android tutorials all over the place and there are a lot of people claiming to be able to teach Android development.  Some of them are very good.  In fact, that's largely how I learned Android development.  The problem, however, is that all of the blogs/articles/courses stop when the Android programming gets hard.  

We do the difficult things.

It's easy to find a tutorial on starting activities, it's difficult to find one on creating a podcast app.  And that's what I aim to solve.  I want to explore the parts of Android that make you wonder how they ever did that.  How does Facebook design an algorithm to put the articles you most want to read at the top of your news feed?  How does Pandora stream and endless amount of music?  These types of tutorials are much harder to find.  A lot of this will be a learning journey for me as well.

What do you want to learn?

Let me know!  Maybe there's a specific problem you just can't seem to find a good resource for.  Maybe there's a feature you want to implement that you just can't seem to find an answer for.  Sign up for my newsletter and just respond back to the confirmation email.  I'm always listening.  Thanks for stopping by!

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