What would you like to learn today?

If you're new to Android development, start at the top. If you've been around the Android block a couple of times, scroll down until you find something you like.

Install Android Studio

You can't do anything without an IDE.

The Parts of Android Studio that You Need to Know

There's a lot of buttons, like, a LOT of buttons

Terms you need to know

Lots of TLA's (three letter acronyms) and other useful stuff!


It's all relative unless it's linear. Or maybe you'd rather Recycle a Card? ... I'll stop

RecyclerViews and CardViews

An easy way to add a professional look to your app

Fancy Views

Views (contrary to the way their name sounds) are all items on screen a user can interact with, like buttons, sliders, texts, etc.

Floating Action Buttons

They're those neat little round things you see in the corner. That do stuff. Cool, huh?

Creating a Menu

Display some options for the user. It's the right thing to do.