Don't Forget It is as fast as you are. When a task comes up that you need to remember quickly, start the app, check in the info, and we'll remind you when it's time. Simple as that.
No extra fluff, no extra menus or confusing screens, simple settings. You don't have time to go through all the show other apps make you wait through. Just set your task and get on with your day.
With quick notification reminders, stay on top of all your tasks and get everything done in 24 hours. Leave no stone unturned.

How it Works

1. On the home page, tap the Plus icon to begin a new task

2. Choose the type of task you'd like

3. Enter the information for your task

4. If you'd like a reminder, check the box and set the time

5. Click on the task to complete it. One more task checked off the list!

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