We just published our first Udemy course!

Hello!  We are proud to say that we are now an official member of Udemy, the website that teaches anybody, anything.  If you are not familiar with the site, Udemy is a marketplace of online classes.  People from around the world create online classes on anything from learning guitar to how to get better sleep.  And what sets Udemy apart from your average YouTube tutorial video is its strict policy on course quality.  Every class is monitored for strict audio and visual quality so the content you are paying for (or in some cases, free) is of the highest caliber.

Which brings us around to our topic.  We now have our first course on Udemy!  It’s a beginner’s class for learning Android programming.  Now, we know there is no shortage of Android tutorials so what sets ours apart is what I like to refer to as: Speed of Implementation.  It’s an hour and a half deep dive into the fundamentals of creating an Android app.  We leave out all of the fluff and repetitiveness of other tutorials.  We don’t waste time telling you how our day went in the videos.  We just get down to the essentials – creating apps!

We know everyone has busy schedules and just doesn’t have time to sit through several hours of class so we condensed several hours of information into one, short course.  Use this link here to get the class for free and let us know what you think!