Android developers - Everything you need to get started with Android development. 

Stack Overflow - If the Android Developers page gets tricky to understand, this will clean up any thing you need help with

Android Studio - The only IDE we use for developing our Android apps and courses

Material Icon's - An amazing site with user submitted icons for use in an Android app.


Image creation/editing

Blender - A powerful free and open source 3D modeling program.  Steep learning curve but well worth it if you put in the time to learn.

Blender Artists - Forums for Blender.  Everything from inspiration to help with learning.

Blender Guru - Hands down THE best Blender tutorials on the web.  And 100% free.

GIMP - For editing and adjusting icons/images/ads etc.



Bluehost - Host your sites with Bluehost, super easy to use and cheap when you're getting started.

WordPress - You can do literally anything on your website with WordPress.  Anything.

Mailchimp - Great software for creating and maintaining email lists and it has great email automation.


Asset Creation

Pexels - Free stock photos

Pixabay - More free stock photos

1001 Fonts - Amazing free fonts with many free for commercial use



Legalzoom - Get help starting your business the legal way.